Friday, February 6, 2009

word power made easy

Ø Repercussions—effects,impact,outcome,influence
Ø Harbinger—indication
Ø Tantamount—equal,as good as
Ø Instigate—intiate,activate
Ø Ambivalence---the presence of two opposing ideas, attitudes, or emotions at the same time,conflict of ideas or attitudes
Ø Dossier---record,folder,profile
Ø Carnage—bloodnbath,killing,
Ø Massacre—mass murder,carnage
Ø Emulate—imitate,follow
Ø Retaliate—hit back,react
Ø Complicity—responsibility,involvement,participation
Ø Horde—mass,gang,group
Ø Nurse—care for,look after
Ø Indulge—treat,spoil
Ø Covert Action-- An operation designed to influence governments, events, organizations, or persons in support of foreign policy in a manner that is not necessarily, Military maneuvers behind enemy lines are often covert actions, so that the enemy will not detect any forces in the area.
Ø Bait—temptation,attraction
Ø Intact—unbroken
Ø Hamper—slow down,obstruct
Ø Catastrophic—terrible,tragic,disastrous
Ø Conciliatory—peace making,appeasing
Ø Restraint—control,command
Ø Grave—serious
Ø Provocation—frustation,irritation
Ø Timid—shy
Ø Devoid—lacking-------completely lacking on somethong
Ø Assert—declare,emphasize
Ø Deter—prevent,frighten,put off
Ø Pursuit—hunt,chase,search
Ø Accrue—grow,increase,mount up,accumulate,add
Ø Audacious—risky,brave,impudent
Ø radicalization -- to undergo fundamental change, or introduce sweeping change in something
Ø propensity—tendency,partiality
Ø abdicate—rive up,relinquish
Ø fizzle—hiss,bubble
Ø sublime—inspiring,moving,magnificiant
Ø balsam—ointment
Ø righteousness—morality,justice
Ø virile--- relating to or having the characteristics of an adult male, howing energy, power, and forcefulness,
Ø righteous—blameless,good
Ø benevolence—kindness,compassion,generosity,goodwill
Ø paralytic—immobile
Ø alm-house
Ø thrive—succeed,florish,increase
Ø wherewithal—funds,money
Ø rhetoric—language,public speaking
Ø collude—join together
Ø clout—influence,power
Ø leverage—influnce, power, control, force
Ø auspices---backing, support, sponsorship
Ø nuke--- to attack somebody or something with nuclear weapons
Ø tartly—sharply, unkindly
Ø assault—attack
Ø Anonymity—secracy, ambiguity
Ø Détente
Ø Glimpses-- a quick or incomplete look or sighting of somebody or something, • I just caught a glimpse of her face in the crowd.
Ø Elicitation-- to cause or produce something as a reaction or response to a stimulus of some kind. Ex: His jokes failed to elicit even the faintest of smiles from her.
Ø Grim—harsh, severe, bleak
Ø Severance—separation, taking apart
Ø Deplete—reduce, diminish
Ø Bankruptcy—ruin, economic failure
Ø Danglers---swing or hang loosely, or cause something to swing or hang loosely.Ex: The children dangled their legs over the side of the swimming pool
Ø Enticement—incentive, invitation
Ø Unifies—make things into one. Ex: to bring people or things together to form a single unit or entity.
Ø Itinerary—route, journey, tour, program
Ø Plunging—dropping, reducing, falling.sinking.
Ø Spiraling—escalation,increase,growth.
Ø Diversified-- to become more varied, or make something more varied, to expand into new areas of business, or expand a commercial organization into new areas.
Ø Interim—short-term,temperory, acting.
Ø Sought—wanted, hunted, required
Ø Devolution—decentralization, deligation,transfer.
Ø Slammed—bang,crash,smash
Ø Prophets—forecasters,psychic, diviner,spiritualist.
Ø Beleaguered—struggling,harrased, stressed,under attack
Ø Perpetrating—commit, pull off,be responsible for.
Ø Severance— separation.
Ø Legitimacy—authenticity, authority
Ø Overlay—cover, place on top, superimpose, spread over the surface
Ø Positing—put something forward. Ex: to put forward for consideration something such as a suggestion, assumption, or fact
Ø Sparingly – carefully, cautiously
Ø Intricate – complicated, difficult, complex, elaborate.
Ø Hitch—drawback, delay, problem.
Ø Agnostic—disbeliever, doubter
Ø Conduits—channel for liquid, protective cover for cable, cobveyor of information (somebody or something that conveys information, especially in secret)
Ø Demarcate—separate, distinguish, isolate, segregate.
Ex: The BizTalk architecture is designed so that the processing responsibilities within the Messaging Engine are clearly demarcated.
Ø Esoteric—obscure, mysterious, impenetrable
Ø Niche—place, position, function, role.
Ø Ubiquitous—ever present, everywhere, omnipresent
Ø Permeate—fill, saturate, filter through, leak into.
Ø Perceived—apparent, supposed, seeming.
Ø Notion—idea, view, concept.
Ø Itinerary—schedule, rote, journey, program
Ø Panacea—cure, solution, answer, universal remedy.
Ø Punk-- an offensive term for a young man regarded as worthless, lazy, or arrogant, body piercing, and unconventional hairstyles, makeup, and clothing
Ø Fleet—navy, task force
Ø Scudding-- to move swiftly and smoothly
Ø Bum-- somebody regarded as irresponsible or worthless, a homeless person living on the street, useless, worthless, or of poor quality.
Ø Batboy-- in baseball, a person employed to look after the team's equipment, especially the bats
Ø Seldom—hardly ever, infrequently, rarely, not often.
Ø Dirt—mud, dust, clay, earth.
Ø Recipe—formula, guidelines, instructions, procedure, way, technique.
Ø Empower—authorize, allow, sanction, give power to.
Ø Skeptical—cynical, doubtful, disbelieving, dubious, unconvinced, incredulous.
Ø Deprecate—criticize, condemn, deplore, denounce, censure, denigrate, disapprove of
Ø Credibility –trustworthiness, reliability, authority, sincerity, standing.
Ø Ancillary—additional, secondary, supplementary
Ø Remittance—payment, allowance, transfer of fund, release, discharge.
Ø Delineate—define, outline, describe, explain
Ø Hallmark—stamp, trademark, characteristic, brand, feature, property

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