Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sharepoint Interview Questions

1.What is the hierarchy of SP Object modal?
2.What is the difference between SP Site and SP Web?
3.What is the difference between Sp Site and SP Web?
4.There are 2 departments i.e Finance and HR. If you want to create a site for them what you would be prefer, either a Site or a web?
5.What are the methods/process to increase the performance of SP Object modal?
6.If want to insert 100 list items into a list, instead of calling list.update() for each list item , is there any other way is there?
7.How to create a site columns using STSADM command?
8.Apart from creating a Site column at designer level, any other way is there?
9.If you customize a page in Development environment, how you can carry those changes to Production environment?
10.What is the content type?
11.Can we have more than one content types associated with the document library?
12.What is the default content type?
13.What is meant by customization?
14.We can access the list either with the SP Object modal or Web services .which one is preferable and why?
15.Where and all places we can create a workflow?
16.If you want to create work flow application, will you choose SharePoint designer or Visual Studio, and why?
17.What are the factors you will consider while choosing a workflow?
18.Can I insert/update into SQL server from workflow at the end of the workflow?
19.I have a Save and Submit button. By clicking Save , I want to save the document into document library and by clicking Submit I want to activate the workflow.How can I achieve it?
20.Can I implement Statemachine workflow in Sequential workflow ?
21.What are custom Timer jobs?
22.What are steps to create a custom master page?

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